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Professional Mobile Car Valeting Specialising in Prestige and High Performance Cars

Paint De-Contamination

"If your paintwork looks tired and feels rough to touch this is for you."

Clean wheels using an (Acid free) cleaner with a selection of soft brushes and rinse.
Pre clean bodywork using a ph neutral snow foam and leave to dwell then rinse.
Wash bodywork with ph neutral shampoo using the 2 bucket method and lambswool wash mit and then rinse.
Spray bodywork with (Iron x metal contaminants remover) and leave to dwell for 10 mins then rinse.
Remove tar.
Now clay the bodywork and apply a wax or sealant for a glass like finish.

From £65

Paint Correction Detail

This process is to remove swirls, holograms and minor scratches using a rotory polisher, fine compounds and polishes.

Vehicle is then waxed with high grade carnauba wax to protect and provide an ultra wet look finish.

Please call 07915 667172 details.

Paint Correction
Paint Correction

Engine Bay Detail


Spray pre-cleaner onto engine and agitate with soft brush, then rinse. Then dry with drying towel. Apply a sheen to all plastics, rubber pipes and hoses to protect. Then polish all painted parts.

From £20

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